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Welcome to Nishi's Pitas Journal, the blog home of Indian American Singer/Songwriter, Actress & Lawyer Nishi, part of NishiMusic.com

Nishi is female Indian American Singer/Songwriter and Actress in New York City who also works full-time as lawyer. Nishi sings throughout NYC accompanied by her band The Nights and acts on stage in plays & musicals, in film & television. Nishi's music & videos are available at NishiMusic.com.

A licensed New York State attorney since 2003, Nishi works full-time as a personal injury & insurance defense litigation lawyer for a large in-house defense firm in midtown Manhattan. She serves pro bono as a human rights lawyer & has expertise in foreign policy, international affairs & human rights law; she is Founder & President of the human rights nonprofit Leading Light Foundation. Nishi is an advocate for children's rights & volunteered in the past for ECPAT-USA to help end the sexual trafficking of children. She presently serves on the international human rights committee of NYC's Bar Association.

Nishi has been producing music since 2003 & came out with her 1st EP CD in 2005. After performing NYC's club, bar & lounge circuit for 6 years, in 2011, Nishi released her new dance singles & in 2012, launches her 1st music videos & new album Master of My Fate. As an actress, Nishi has been performing in musical theatre since 2009 & working in film & television since 2010. In 2011 alone, Nishi has starred in 4 Off-Broadway plays & musicals and worked on 6 new feature films. Nishi is an amateur astronomer who enjoys studying astronomy & physics, is an archaeology buff who led the NYC Archaeology Meetup Group from 2005-2008 & is also a huge Japanese anime & manga fan who designed websites to her favorite series & led a NYC Japanese Anime group. In her free time Nishi writes fantasy fiction & children's stories. Nishi's song Story from her 1st EP was recently licensed and featured in the new Sailor Moon Movie.


More songs & info available at NishiMusic.com

All content, images, html & layout (c) Nishi Rajan 1998-2011. Reproduction in any form of content expressly prohibited. This journal has existed since 2000.

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The Story Thus Far . . .
Nishi works 9-5 in NYC as an attorney as inside counsel at a mid-size law firm to an insurance company practicing insurance defense & personal injury litigation; she is recording her new dance album Master of My Fate - the new single Release Me is available on iTunes (search for Nishi & Release Me), Amazon.com and CDBaby & more! Visit NishiMusic.com to hear & purchase.

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  • India West: Indian American Singer-Songwriter Stars in Off-Broadway Musical
    November 17, 2011 11:52 p.m.

    The wonderful IndiaWest has published an article on my new Off-Broadway musical.

    Indian American Singer-Songwriter Stars in Off-Broadway Musical
    Published Nov. 16, 2011 by IndiaWest

    - Nishi Leave a Comment on this Entry

    Bollywood & Broadway Princess! Indian Singer Nishi Stars in Off-Broadway Musical Angels Giants Monsters
    November 17, 2011 11:45 p.m.

    I've been honored by The Capital Post who has published the news of my starring turn as Lilith in the new Off-Broadway musical Angels Giants Monsters

    Bollywood & Broadway Princess! Indian Singer Nishi Stars in Off-Broadway Musical Angels Giants Monsters

    - Nishi Leave a Comment on this Entry

    Nishi's Off-Broadway Musical Angels Giants Monsters opens November 25
    November 16, 2011 11:06 p.m.

    News of my new show in the Off-Broadway Musical Angels Giants Monsters was published today in Prishtina Press! :) Link to article as well as full text & copy of images of article below.

    Off-Broadway Musical Angels Giants Monsters opens November 25
    Bollywood & Broadway Princess! Indian Singer Nishi Stars in Off-Broadway Musical Angels Giants Monsters

    Indian-American singer/songwriter and actress Nishi stars this November in New York City's new Off-Broadway original musical Angels Giants Monsters as the mother of all demons, the demon goddess Lilith.

    "Not for children," is what this Broadway and Bollywood Princess has to say about the new Off-Broadway musical she stars in this November. With songs such as I Want Your Sex which Nishi wrote and sings half-way through the production, and performs as a lap dance upon veteran actor Carl Ly-min, this is not your grandmother's musical.

    Indeed, Angels Giants Monsters, written and directed by Philadelphia-based playwright Exavier Wardlaw Muhammad, is a Biblical-themed musical based on the Book of Enoch and set during the beginning of the Old Testament. The Book of Enoch is not a part of the modern Biblical canon, but its story is echoed in the Book of Noah and tells of the days before the Flood, when giants and monsters roamed the earth.

    In Angels, Nishi plays Lilith, the first woman ever created by God. Created equal to man, Lilith is a very smart woman, smarter even than the first man, Adam. Rejecting Adam's comical advances, Nishi's "Lilith" uses her beauty, intelligence and sexual wiles to take revenge upon a God she feels has cursed her to an eternal life where she is not truly free to live as she wishes.

    For Nishi, a professional singer who released her first CD in 2005, and a professional actress who has starred on the New York City stage in musicals and plays since 2009, the role of Lilith is one that is new and challenging. Nishi had just finished performing as a sexual and predatory vampire vixen in Dracula with the Brooklyn-based Heights Players Theatre in September, and immediately went into rehearsals for Angels in October. Nishi's Lilith, she says, bares similarities to her sex-kitten vampire vixen, but is much more emotional, volatile, unstable and deeply angered by God. "This is a role I was born to play," says Nishi. "I sing with vengeance, with power, with lust. Through Lilith, I not only portray her sexual and emotional depths, but also my own."

    The musical begins with the creation of mankind and the arrival of the Fallen Angels of God, led by Lucifer, also known as Satan. Lucifer has refused to obey God's command to bow down to the men made of clay and tells his Angels they will rule man as is their right and take wives of men and rule the world. It is through Lilith that Lucifer first acts. Lilith, having been created equal to Adam, wants more from her eternal existence than to be a simple mate to Adam and runs away from him. When God's Angels visit her to order her back to Adam, she refuses and curses the line of Adam. Making love to Lucifer, she helps to create a world of demons, becoming the mother of all demons.

    The musical, says Nishi, at times comical, is a story of beauty - tragic and horrific. It explores the unjust horrors of the world, from murder and rape to the eventual destruction of all that is bad. The musical is an open commentary on the story of the demons and angels in the Bible. Due to its adult content, potential audience members are cautioned if they are easily offended or may be disturbed by scenes of implied rape and murder.

    Nishi, described popularly as a Bollywood singer because of her Indian background and dance music which contains seductive Indian beats, was raised in upstate New York from the time she was five years old. She credits her musical style to growing up in the '80′s and '90′s with artists such as Sting, Madonna, Aerosmith and Creed; the Red Hot Chili Peppers are her favorite band. With powerhouse vocals showcased in songs such as Hell is Full of Sunshine in Angels Giants Monsters, Nishi's influences as an American rock and pop singer are well-evidenced throughout the production.

    The musical is comprised of significant talent. Lucifer is played by international film, television and radio star Louis Williams, whose film credits include Europe's Reanimator and Vivancos III, Dune 7 and whose American film and television credits include performances with Sydney Pollack in The Sopranos, with Matt Dillon and Danny Glover in The Saint of Fort Washington and with Mickey Rourke in Thirteen.

    The talented cast includes Mark Gering in the dual roles of Adam and Abel, Matt Metzgar as Cain and Azazel, Cinzia Mungo as Eve and exceptional actors, musicians and dancers Avery Benson, Anna Nora Bernstein, Ruya Koman, Joyce Laoagan, Carl Ly-min, Joel Magee, Gideon Samson and Jatin Saraf. The playwright and director himself, Mr. Exavier Wardlaw Muhammad, arrives to portray Enoch at the end. Nishi and her co-stars have all contributed original music, lyrics, songs and melodies to the production. The principal songs and scores are composed by blind musician Lou Champion, and musicians and artists Elliot Levin and Max Benson.

    Angels Giants Monsters opens November 25, 2011 for a limited three-night only run at the Medicine Show Theatre at 549 West 52nd Street on Manhattan's west-side by 10th Avenue. Tickets and show times to be available on the musical's website www.angelsgiantsmonsters.com and more information about Nishi is available at nishimusic.com.

    - Nishi Leave a Comment on this Entry

    Nishi's next show: Sidewalk Cafe Nov. 18
    November 7, 2011 9:50 p.m.
    My next show is in 2 weeks - Friday, Nov. 18th at Sidewalk Cafe here in New York City. An acoustic show featuring 2 members from my band, The Nights: John Plenge on guitar and Raul Anadon on keys. An intimate & beautiful acoustic performance of many of my songs like you've never heard them before. You won't want to miss this :) This is a *free show* **no cover** - begin your weekend with me and spend your Friday night with me. I go on 11pm sharp :) Full schedule at NishiMusic.com - Schedule

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    Nishi's Interview & Live Performance with Malayalam TV IPTV USA
    November 6, 2011 11:42 p.m.
    Today I was in New Jersey at the television studios of IPTV's Malayalam TV USA filming a 1 hour feature interview to talk about my upcoming dance album, movies, theatre & film projects and filmed a live 3-song performance with members of my band, The Nights, for national & international broadcast. A couple photos below with host Aggie and with 2 of my Nights John Plenge and Raul Anadon.

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    Nishi performing at Pianos December 4th
    November 3, 2011 03:04 a.m.
    booked a new show at Pianos Dec. 4th - flyer below - spend your cold December nights with me :)

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    Nishi Featured in Kerala's Malayalam news Manorama and eMalayalee
    Wednesday, November 2, 2011 11:31 p.m.
    I have been honored today by the Editors of Malayalam language newspaper and magazine media eMalayalee and Malayalam Manorama who have who have both published articles about me written by Jose Pinto Stephen. As a proud Malayalee-American, I am truly thankful :)

    Nishi Featured in Kerala, India's Manorama Online
    Publ. Nov. 2, 2011

    Nishi Featured in eMalayalee
    Publ. Nov. 2, 2011

    - Nishi Leave a Comment on this Entry

    Rising International Superstar, Nishi on India Talks Live
    Tuesday, November 1, 2011 12:01 a.m.
    I had the honor tonight of the Editor of Prishtina Press cover my recent appearance and performance on India Talks TV last Tuesday. Below is an in depth article editor Ermira Babamusta, a woman who started Prishtina Press as a voice for Albanians, helped write and published. She is a supporter of my music and careers in film and theatre and has been one of my foremost supporters since this past May when I sent her my song Release Me. I am indebted to her for her kindness and for putting my music and film & theater careers out there for the world to see. Our lives are built upon the love and kindness of friends, family and strangers.

    Rising International Superstar, Nishi on India Talks Live
    Published: October 31, 2011 by Prishtina Press
    Link: http://prishtinapress.info/?p=6049

    Rising international superstar, Nishi is an accomplished singer, songwriter and actress. She is a music phenomenon whose recent LIVE performance on New York's India Talks was watched by thousands worldwide. Nishi (full name Nishi Rajan) was originally born in New Delhi, India and is from the South-Indian state of Kerala. She moved with her family to New York when she was five years old and has lived there ever since. Singing since she was little, Nishi pursued her musical talents professionally when she began working as a lawyer in Manhattan in 2003. Nishi released her first EP in 2005 of original songs ranging from Indian dance to rock and pop love ballads. Nishi's voice and style have been compared to Dido, Madonna and Jewel.

    It didn't take long for Nishi to become noticed with her dance single Release Me. Her single's Bollywood launch party this past summer and her career over the past six years have been highlighted on a variety of well known radio and television programs, including India Talks LIVE, with broadcasts on Time Warner Cable, Verizon Fios and RCN. The Indian Princess was featured on Tuesday, October 25, 2011 for the Diwali show. The LIVE one-hour program entertained Indian and American audiences from New York City and online worldwide with Nishi performing LIVE on-air songs from her upcoming new album, Master of My Fate, accompanied on piano by Raul Anadon, a member of her band The Nights.

    After singing her new dance single, Release Me, a sexy Indian drum-driven dance number, Nishi was interviewed by India Talks LIVE host Sam Shivraj about her new album, new theater performances and new starring roles in film. Nishi discussed the release of her upcoming supernatural thriller feature, Sid's Paralysis, in which she starred as protagonist Kareena, and her work on the independent short film, The Process, where she starred as photographer Tessa Long.

    During the interview, Nishi's co-star in Sid's Paralysis, Anup Suganan, phoned in from Los Angeles to join the conversation long-distance. Both discussed on air how the full-length feature film, by award-winning Pakistani and British-American director Babar Ahmed, was filmed in only 2 days and nights. Viewers of India Talks were shown a one minute clip from the film which was entirely improv with only a minimal script. For Nishi, this was the first time she had seen the clip as the film had been under tight wraps by the director pending festival submission.

    Ethan Sacchi, Nishi's director in the movie, The Process, also phoned in from Philadelphia and discussed on-air Nishi's work on his film, shot over four weekends on location in Philadelphia in February of 2011 during one of the coldest winters on record. Nishi explained that even though conditions were not ideal, the crew and actors came together, enduring bitter winds and evading police who prohibited them from filming on the Philadelphia river wharfs, to shoot the final scene of the movie, which Nishi said is her favorite of the whole film.

    Nishi was then asked to sing her pop love ballad, Story, a romantic piano song which has been picked up and featured in the new independent movie Sailor Moon, based on the original Japanese anime and manga/graphic novel Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi. The new Sailor Moon movie is produced by Elana Mugden and is to screen in New York City in November at Webster Hall.

    A singer whose music is best described as a fusion of Indian and American rock and pop and whose dance songs carry uniquely Indian rhythms and dance beats, Nishi is also a stage actress in New York city who has starred in plays and musicals Off-Broadway. She is currently slated to star as the demon goddess Lilith in an original biblical musical, Angels Giants Monsters, directed by Exavier Wardlaw and opening Off-Broadway for a limited Thanksgiving weekend run in November at the Medicine Show Theatre on 52nd Street in Manhattan.

    India Talks LIVE, a local Queens, New York City-based program, airs on the fourth Tuesday of every month and is produced by Shiv Venkatram. The program has been airing on Time Warner and RCN Cable networks for two years and has featured various Indian celebrities, entertainers and influential local business entrepreneurs and media newsmakers. This was Nishi's third appearance on the program, following earlier features in February and May of this year.

    Nishi closed the India Talks LIVE program by singing her dance number 'Do Not Deny It', a song introduced to New York City recently at an Indian Diwali Music Festival organized by NetIP-New York as a fundraiser for charity non-profit Lend-a-Hand India. Nishi, who performed 7 songs that night with her band, The Nights, was the opening act for a night that included Indian performer Falu and indie rock bands Deadbeat Darling and My Pet Dragon.

    Nishi is currently performing throughout NYC and recording her new dance and pop album Master of My Fate with the dance EP and new singles to be released December 2011 and February 2012.

    - Nishi Leave a Comment on this Entry

    Nishi's Song in 'New Sailor Moon'
    October 29, 2011
    Found out today that The India Journal, a weekly Indo-American newspaper published in Southern California, picked up the news about my song Story being in the new Sailor Moon Movie. Thank you to the Editors of India Journal for publishing the news!

    Nishi's Song in 'New Sailor Moon'
    Published October 27, 2011 by India Journal (California)
    Full Text of Article in PDF

    - Nishi Leave a Comment on this Entry

    Sexy Indian Singer/Songwriter Nishi to Sing LIVE on QPTV India Talks
    October 23, 2011
    On Tuesday, October 25th at 8pm EST - I'll be on QPTV's India Talks - a local New York City Indian tv talk-show where I'll discuss some of my movies, upcoming theater & film works & perform live on-air with my loyal Night (band member of my band The Nights), keyboardist Raul Fernando Anadon. We'll be performing acoustic piano versions of Release Me (my new dance single), Story (love song featured in the new Sailor Moon movie) and Do Not Deny It, another dance song on my upcoming dance EP Master of My Fate. QPTV airs on Time Warner Cable/Verizon Fios channels 34, 35, 36, 37 and RCN channels 82-86 or you can tune in online & watch at http://www.UStream.tv/ - search for India Talks beginning at 7:58 p.m. EST. I'll be tweeting & sending pics LIVE from on set via http://twitter.com/nishihime

    Check out the amazing article Prishtina Press published about my new TV appearance!

    Sexy Indian Singer/Songwriter Nishi to Sing LIVE on QPTV India Talks LIVE!
    Publ. Oct. 23, 2011 by Prishtina Press (London, NY, L.A., Kosovo) | Full Text of Article in PDF

    She’s Indian and she’s American, sings rock, pop, alternative and her dance music is filled with seductive Indian beats. She writes all her songs and has been performing the New York City bar and lounge circuit for six years and counting. Her name is Nishi, and she is an appealing and rising New York City singer/songwriter who has also made a name for herself as a film and stage actress that moonlights as a lawyer, continuing to work her day job as an in-house defense attorney until she says she hits ‘the big time.’ For this artist, the ‘big time’ may be sooner than she thinks.

    In the past year alone, this artist has filmed roles in six films, two of which she starred as the lead, performed in four stage productions, two of which were starring roles in Off-Broadway productions (plays and musicals) and this past May, launched the first dance single off her upcoming new dance EP at a Bollywood dance party in Washington D.C. organized by one of her friends, a famous Bollywood filmmaker. In November, she will again star in another Off-Broadway original musical as the demon goddess Lilith in Angels Giants Monsters, opening for a limited run at the Medicine Show Theatre in New York City and is set to continue musical shows at various venues and festivals throughout New York City.

    Can’t see her perform LIVE in person’ Then watch her LIVE on American television on Tuesday, October 25, 2011 on QPTV’s India Talks LIVE which airs 8:00pm EST on New York cable television networks Time Warner, Verizon Fios and RCN and which will stream LIVE online on www.UStream.tv.

    QPTV’s India Talks Live is a one-hour long monthly Indian entertainment program that has in the past featured various Indian celebrities. On Tuesday’s show, Nishi will sing three of her original songs from both her first album and her new dance EP in an intimate acoustic performance accompanied by select members of her band, The Nights.

    During the show, Nishi will discuss her films and stage productions, and viewers will see clips from select films soon to be released and hear call-ins from her directors and co-stars and producers. Nishi will also be announcing her participation as one of the Indian celebrities for Indian dining magazine Varli Magazine’s 2012 Cook-Off (a televised cooking competition show) where Nishi will compete with 16 other Indian celebrities to win the title of best chef.

    Nishi (full name Nishi Rajan) was originally born in New Delhi, India and is from the South-Indian state of Kerala. She moved with her family to New York when she was five years old and has lived there ever since. Singing since she was little, Nishi pursued her musical talents professionally when she began working as a lawyer in Manhattan in 2003. Nishi released her first EP in 2005 of original songs ranging from Indian dance to rock and pop love ballads. One of those songs, ‘Story’, was recently picked up to be the feature track in an independent movie by the name of ‘Sailor Moon’ ‘ fans of Japanese anime and manga will recognize that name well as an internationally famous and popular Japanese comic novel and television cartoon. The film is scheduled to screen at NYC hot spot Webster Hall in November and Nishi will be in attendance at the screening.

    Nishi’s recent performance in New York City, Sunday, October 16, 2011, at an Indian Diwali Music Festival, was covered by the Capital Post of Washington D.C. Nishi was the opening act for a benefit to support the charity Lend-a-Hand India ‘ a night that included Indian performer Falu and Indie bands Deadbeat Darling and My Pet Dragon. Nishi’s seven song set, comprised of dance, pop ballads and rock numbers from both her 1st EP and her upcoming dance album, ‘Master of My Fate’, set the mood for the crowd who celebrated the entire night.

    Nishi’s attention, she says, is focused now on the musical she is starring in and the production of her dance EP, of which the first single off it, the sexy Indian drum-driven number ‘Release Me’, was released this past summer to radio and television airplay and is available now on iTunes, Amazon, CdBaby, Emusic and all online music media platforms. ‘Release Me’, Nishi says, will be one of the songs she performs LIVE on India Talks on Tuesday.

    Nishi’s music is best described as a fusion of Indian-American pop, rock and dance and her voice and style have been compared to Dido, Madonna and Jewel. Nishi’s new dance EP ‘Master of My Fate’ will be released in late-2011, her starring turn in Off-Broadway original musical Angels Giants Monsters will open and run November 25 ‘ 27, 2011 and one of her recent feature films, Sid’s Paralysis, where she plays protagonist Kareena, will screen and be released in late-2011.

    Nishi is a human rights lawyer who started her own human rights non-profit in 2008 called The Leading Light Foundation, which seeks to report instances of international human rights abuses that are not widely reported or investigated by the media at large.

    Nishi’s interview and performance on India Talks LIVE will air on local New York City’s Time Warner Cable channels 34, 35, 56 & 57, on RCN cable channels 82, 83, 84 & 85 and on Verizon Fios channels 34, 35, 36 & 37. The program will start at 8:00 p.m. EST and is also available LIVE online by accessing http://www.UStream.tv (search for ‘India Talks’ at 7:58 p.m. EST).

    For more information and a schedule of Nishi’s upcoming performances and appearances, visit http://www.nishimusic.com. Fans can friend-request her at http://facebook.com/nishirajan or http://facebook.com/nishimusic and follow her at http://twitter.com/nishihime

    - Nishi Leave a Comment on this Entry

    Indian Pop Princess Nishi Sings for Lend-a-Hand India at Diwali
    October 19, 2011
    My friends at the Capital Post honored me by publishing the article below about my recent show at Drom for NetIP-New York's Diwali Music Festival for Lend-a-Hand India. The night was amazing! My band, The Nights, comprised of Colin Gittens on bass, Chris DeRosa on drums, John Plenge on guitar, Raul Anadon on keyboard, Craig Greenberg on percussion and Sheila Griffin as my backup vocalist all rocked that night. Check out the article below for the full cover :)

    Indian Pop Princess Nishi Sings for Lend-a-Hand India at Diwali
    Publ. Oct. 19, 2011 by The Capital Post (Washington D.C.)
    Full Text of Article in PDF

    On Sunday, October 16, 2011, hundreds of celebrants gathered to hear local New York City Indian-American pop and dance sensation Nishi at a Diwali Music Festival and charity event to benefit Indian non-profit Lend-a-Hand India. Nishi opened the night with a seven song performance followed by performances by fellow Indian bands and performers Falu Shah, My Pet Dragon and Deadbeat Darling.

    The musical event, held at the NYCEast Village hot spot Drom, was organized by Network of Indian Professionals of New York (NetIP-NY) and was the first of its kind by the organization. The festival celebrated the Indian holiday of Diwali, or the Festival of Lights, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil. Recognizing the talents and contributions of Indians from various professional levels, the artists and guests who performed and attended that night helped raise thousands of dollars for Lend-a-Hand India, a charity which seeks to educate children in India and help the unemployed.

    Nishi, originally born in New Delhi, India and from the South-Indian state of Kerala, is a New York City-based singer/songwriter, actress and lawyer. Nishi released her first EP of original songs ranging from pop, rock to Indian dance in 2005. In May, the artist released her newest dance single, 'Release Me', which immediately began achieving national and international radio and television airplay.

    The artist, who is also a lawyer who started her own human rights non-profit in 2008, strongly supports charitable initiatives and is an advocate of education, human rights and children's rights. When asked by NetIP-NY to perform to benefit Lend-a-Hand India, Nishi immediately partnered with NetIP-NY to raise awareness for the cause.

    Network of Indian Professionals (NetIP) is a 20+ year old non-profit organization dedicated to the overall achievement and advancement of South Asian professionals in North America. Lend-a-Hand is a non-profit venture launched in 2003 by young professionals, based in New York City and focuses on issues related to youth. Its programs provide vocational training, career development, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities to young boys and girls in rural and urban communities.

    Nishi's music is best described as Indian-American pop, rock and dance-fusion and her voice and style have been compared to Dido, Madonna and Jewel. She is also a professional actress that has starred on film and stage and is next slated to star in the Off-Broadway original musical Angels Giants Monsters November 25 - 27, 2011. One of her recent feature films, Sid's Paralysis, in which she co-stars as protagonist Kareena, will screen and be released in late-2011. Nishi's new dance EP 'Master of My Fate' will be released in late-2011 and her new dance single 'Release Me' is available now on iTunes, Amazon.com, CdBaby, Emusic, Rhapsody and all online music platforms.

    Nishi will next appear on television program 'India Talks LIVE' airing Tuesday, October 25, 2011 on Time Warner Cable / Verizon Fios QPTV. Nishi will perform a lice on-air acoustic set and viewers will see clips and trailers from her upcoming films as well as learn about her upcoming theater and tv projects. Fans of Nishi can also hear her original love ballad 'Story' as the featured track in the new Sailor Moon movie directed and produced by Elana Mugden and premiering in November at Webster Hall.

    For more information and a schedule of Nishi's upcoming performances and appearances, visit http://www.nishimusic.com

    - Nishi Leave a Comment on this Entry

    Nishi performing w/ her band The Nights Tonight
    October 16, 2011
    Nishi and her band The Nights will be performing LIVE Sunday, October 16th, 2011 at NetIP-New York's 1st Diwali Music Festival at DROM in New York City. Fellow performers Falu, My Pet Dragon & Deadbeat Darling will also rock the night! Nishi will open the night which begins 6:30 p.m. Arrive early.

    Nishi & The Nights Performing LIVE at NETIP-NY's Diwali Music Festival

    Sunday, October 16th, 2011
    85 Avenue A (b/t 5th & 6th Streets), NYC, NY
    Doors Open: 5:30pm | Show Begins: 6:30pm

    Check out the wonderful write up the Capital Post of Washington D.C. did on Nishi and this show: Nishi to Perform at NetIP-NY's Diwali Music Festival with Falu

    Prishtina Press of Kosovo with readership in London, Los Angeles and New York has publicized Nishi's new show Nishi & The Nights Performing NetIP-NY's Diwali Music Festival

    Tickets: (Members) | Non
    Table Reservations: (212) 777-1157

    To purchase advance tickets, visit:

    All proceeds go to charity Lend-A-Hand-India

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    Nishi's Song 'Story' in New Sailor Moon Movie!
    October 11, 2011
    I've been a fan of Sailor Moon since 1998 - as many readers of this blog well know and one of my songs 'Story' - written & produced on my 1st EP in 2005, has been picked up to be the feature track in the Sailor Moon movie by Elana Mugden. I've granted them a non-exclusive license. The version of 'Story' they will use is the one from my 1st EP in 2005 but 'Story' is being re-produced for my new album 'Master of My Fate' which will now be a 2-CD dance and pop/dance/rock album. News of this licensing has been published by Prishtina Press, by The Capital Post on Oct. 11th & now updated Oct. 30th by the India Journal on Oct. 27th.

    Read all about it below :)

    New 'Sailor Moon' Movie featuring music by Nishi
    Publ. Oct. 19, 2011 by Prishtina Press (London, NY, L.A., Kosovo)
    Full Text of Article in PDF

    Indian-American singer-songwriter, actress and music recording artist Nishi has announced her support to the producers of the highly anticipated independent American movie 'Sailor Moon'. Nishi's original song 'Story', a haunting piano love ballad, will be featured in this new film, a brand new re-telling of the original Japanese story by author and manga artist Naoko Takeuchi.

    Sailor Moon, an iconic super heroine that introduced American television viewers to the world of Japanese anime and manga in the 1990's, was a highly successful and popular comic book and television series, which launched into live-action stage and television serials. Sailor Moon is the story of a young girl who learns she is fated to be a soldier of destiny and is the reincarnation of the Moon Princess, Serenity. Together, she and her friends and her true love, the reincarnated Prince Endymion, fight to save the Earth and the Universe from evil.

    Nishi, an Indian-American singer/songwriter and actress who resides in New York, came to learn of the production through friends who referred her to the film. Nishi was formerly the creator and webmaster of UsagiandMamoru.com, a large and popular web domain devoted to the Sailor Moon series that carried the original Japanese translations. Fandom based, the site generated over ten thousand visits a month until Nishi, who was pursuing careers as a singer and actress, closed the site in 2009. With a resurgence of interest in Sailor Moon in Japan, whose original publisher Kodansha has re-released the series to the American market, and episodes airing again in both Japan and Italy, Nishi plans to bring back the website and has lent her musical support to the producers of the independent Sailor Moon movie.

    Featured at the beginning of the Sailor Moon film, 'Story' is a song about love and loss found on Nishi's first EP CD from 2005, and which is to be re-produced for Nishi's new pop album in 2012. Producers of the film state the first fifteen minutes of the feature film are being produced as a short film and focus on the relationship between Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion.

    Nishi's song 'Story', producer and director Elana A. Mugdan says, "is especially fitting as the only two main characters we are introduced to in this short time are Bunny and Darien (the reincarnated Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion), and so the song [reflects] the mood we wanted to portray in the beginning of the film."

    An award-winning director, producer and screenwriter, Elana Mugdan is a New York City native whose most recent feature film, "Director's Cut", screened in ten festivals and won multiple awards including the prestigious Indie Spirit Award at the New Hope Film Festival. 'Director's Cut' has been signed with producers in Los Angeles for upcoming distribution and similar interest is being generated for the new Sailor Moon movie.

    The film stars Avery Danielle as Sailor Moon, and Nick Uhas as Prince Endymion and is expected to be released November 2011.

    Nishi's song 'Story' is not available for purchase until February 2012 but readers may listen to a sample of the song from her first album on her website, NishiMusic.com. Nishi is currently promoting her new dance single 'Release Me' which is available on iTunes and the upcoming launch of her new dance EP, 'Master of My Fate.' Nishi is also an actress who performs in New York City theater and acts for film and television. Nishi will next be seen in the feature horror film 'Sid's Paralysis' by award-winning Pakistani and British American director Babar Ahmed set to be released December 2011 and will star Off-Broadway in a new musical Angels, Giants, Monsters.

    More information about the Sailor Moon movie and the artist Nishi are available at http://www.facebook.com/SailorMoonTheMovie and http://www.nishimusic.com

    The above article was also published by the Capital Post on October 11th.

    New Sailor Moon Movie to Feature Song 'Story'By South Indian & American Music Recording Artist Nishi
    Publ. Oct.11, 2011 by The Capital Post (Washington D.C.)
    Full Text of Article in PDF

    - Nishi Leave a Comment on this Entry

    Nishi to perform at NetIP-NY's Diwali Music Festival with Falu
    September 28, 2011
    Washington D.C.'s The Capital Post published news of my new performance in October for NetIP-New York's Diwali Music Festival where I will perform with Falu, Deadbeat Darling & My Pet Dragon to help raise funds for nonprofit charity Lend-a-Hand India. Link to the article and full text below.

    Nishi to perform at NetIP-NY's Diwali Music Festival with Falu
    Published Sept. 28, 2011 by The Capital Post (Washington D.C.)

    Indian-American pop and dance singer Nishi will perform at NetIP-NY's Diwali Music Festival with Falu, My Pet Dragon & Deadbeat Darling on Sunday, October 16, 2011 in New York City.

    Nishi, an Indian-American professional singer/songwriter, actress and lawyer who released her first EP in 2005 and will be launching her new dance EP 'Master of My Fate' this November, has partnered with NetIP-New York, a large Indian professional network, in promotion of its charitable causes. A human rights lawyer who has worked pro bono for women's and children's rights, Nishi strongly believes in the charitable initiatives NetIP has fostered and encouraged.

    Diwali is the Indian "Festival of Lights" signifying the triumph of good over evil and commemorates the return of Lord Rama after vanquishing the Demon King Ravana. Diwali is an official holiday in India celebrated with lights and fireworks.

    Network of Indian Professionals (NetIP), a 20+ year old non-profit organization. is dedicated to the overall achievement and advancement of South Asian professionals in North America. Since 1994 NetIP-NY has been committed to providing a voice to emerging leaders, entrepreneurs and artists in the community. In honor of this Indian holiday and to celebrate Indian music and artists, NetIP's New York chapter has launched this first ever music festival.

    All proceeds from this festival will go to charitable causes Lend-a-Hand India and Charity is Colorblind (CiC) initiative. In 2010, NetIP raised over 0,000 for charitable causes such as cancer research, microfinance, child rights, and education. In 2009 its scholarship grant helped fund 310 girl students in rural India gain invaluable professional skills. NetIP has 24 chapters across the U.S. and Canada. The New York chapter (NetIP-NY) is one of the largest.

    Nishi is an artist and performer whose diverse careers and life have fascinated music and art lovers. Nishi will be releasing her brand new dance EP 'Master of My Fate' in late-2011. Nishi's first single off her new album, 'Release Me', was released earlier this year in May and aired on national & international radio and television broadcast and is available on iTunes, Amazon.com, CdBaby, Emusic, Rhapsody and everywhere online music is sold.

    Nishi has been featured in world newspapers and magazines from India, Canada, the U.K., Kosovo and Norway as well as in the U.S. and appeared on radio and television programs in the U.S. Nishi is a prominent actress in New York City who has starred on stage in plays & musicals and in feature films for award-winning filmmakers. She has done all this while working full-time as inside counsel with a large law firm in midtown Manhattan, running her own human rights non-profit and volunteering pro bono for children's charities; she presently serves on the International Human Rights Committee of the Bar Association of the City of New York.

    Nishi's music is best described as Indian-American dance-fusion and her voice and style have been compared to Dido, Madonna and Jewel. In movies and on stage, Nishi has starred in comedies and dramatic plays and musicals, her movies focusing on the more darker aspects of the human persona. Her most recent feature film, Sid's Paralysis, is set for late-2011 release.

    Nishi will perform that night with her band, The Nights, seven songs from both her 1st album and her new dance EP Master of My Fate. The songs range in style from Indian dance to American rock and pop. Along with Nishi, three other acts performing that night will include prominent and well-known international musical acts Falu, My Pet Dragon and Deadbeat Darling.

    Falu, a fellow New York-based singer and songwriter whose music blends ancient classical Indian melodies with contemporary western sounds, has worked with and performed alongside a wide array of artists including A.R. Rahman (Slum Dog Millionaire), Yo-Yo Ma (in the Silk Road Project), Philip Glass and Wyclef Jean.

    My Pet Dragon is a New York City based rock band who recently released their second LP, "Mountains and Cities" and whose music has been influenced by rock bands such as Radiohead, The Smashing Pumpkins, Arcade Fire and Coldplay and is composed of Reena Shah, Todd Michaelsen, Rajeev Maddela, Mario Padron and Vincent Mascolo.

    Deadbeat Darling is a Brooklyn, New York based rock band founded by former Canvas frontman Joseph King. Composed currently of Joseph King, "Ian Everall" " Evan Howard" and "Mohit Bhansali", Deadbeat Darling has sold out some of NYC's most prestigious venues such as the Bowery Ballroom and Mercury Lounge. Their sound weaves together rock, surf, and dub in a unique musical tapestry that is gritty and alluring.

    NetIP-NY's Diwali Music Festival will take place Sunday, October 16, 2011 from 6-9pm at New York City's East Village musical venue Drom, located at 85 Avenue A (b/w 5th & 6th Streets). More information is available at http://www.newyork.netip.org

    - Nishi Leave a Comment on this Entry

    Nishi as Vampire Vixen in Dracula September 2011
    September 19, 2011
    Prishtina Press (Kosovo, New York, London & Los Angeles) published news of my theater performances in Dracula this month and my upcoming starring role as Lilith in Angels Giants Monsters. Check out the article below :)

    Vixen Vampire & Demon Goddess
    Indian Entertainer Nishi Sings & Dances on Stage this Fall in Dracula & Angels Giants Monsters
    September 19, 2011 in Link to Article at Prishtina Press | Copy of Article can be found in the Articles & Press section of NishiMusic.com

    Mild-mannered lawyer by day, Vixen Vampire and Demon Goddess by night’ That is the life of Indian-American singer/songwriter & actress Nishi Rajan who is currently on stage in the dramatic play ‘Dracula’ with the Heights Players Theatre in New York City’s Brooklyn Heights and will be next in ‘Angels Giants Monsters’ a dramatic comedy musical with the Tribes Theatre Company.

    Nishi Rajan, who is best known by her artist name, Nishi, is originally from India, born in New Delhi and from the south-Indian state of Kerala. The first daughter of Indian immigrants, Nishi grew up in New York from age 5 and has lived there ever since. She has been singing her whole life and began performing professionally in film and theater in 2009. Nishi released her first album of original songs in 2005 which ranged in style from Indian dance to rock and pop. She has performed throughout NYC since 2005 and recently released her newest dance single, ‘Release Me’ this past May 2011. Nishi will be launching her brand new dance EP, ‘Master of My Fate’ this November 2011. ‘Release Me’ is available on iTunes, Amazon.com, Rhapsody, Emusic and everywhere online music is sold. Nishi plans to film the music video for ‘Release Me’ this Fall 2011 to be directed by filmmaker Eliyas Qureshi and to co-star Kal Parekh, currenly co-starring in ABC’s new primetime television series ‘Pan Am’.

    In ‘Dracula’, a full-costume and period production directed by Robert G. Waring, and based on the original Bram Stoker story as adapted by Steven Dietz, Nishi plays one of the three sexy vampire vixens who seduce and torture the unsuspecting Jonathan Harker, played by Michael Nigro, visitor to the Castle of Dracula and who learns of Dracula’s dark plans. Part of an ensemble cast headed by George Tsalikas as Dracula, Raymond G. Wagner as Van Helsing, Thomas J. Kane as Renfield, Troy Gochenour as Dr. Seward and Laura Quackenbush and Meaghan Bell as Lucy and Mina, the female heroines who fall prey to Dracula, Nishi scares and seduces in this full-costume and period production along with her two co-vixens Jessica Battaglia and Ariella Toder. The cast is complete with the talents of Billy Wood, Joanna Levinger, Ehsen Malik, Leo Contrino and Anthony Artiga. ‘Dracula’ Nishi says is not for children, there is blood, dark, adult sexual themes, as well as periods of complete darkness, mist and fog. Theater patrons will be transported to Transylvania and 1800's England.

    In Angels Giants Monsters, a musical written and directed by Exavier Wardlaw and scheduled to open in November, Nishi stars as Lilith, the first woman created by man, in this re-telling of the biblical story of the fall of the Angels and creation of the Nephilim, the Giants & Monsters from the Book of Enoch. Nishi is contributing original songs and music for this production and again plays a very sexual and demanding role in this full-costume production. Nishi’s character transforms from human to a demon with wings as she refuses to be submissive to Adam, having been born equal to him. She refuses to obey God’s command and chooses instead to join Lucifer and becomes the mother of all demons, breeding the Nephilim.

    Nishi manages to do all this while working full-time 9-5 as a lawyer in midtown Manhattan practicing personal injury and insurance defense litigation and running her own human rights non-profit, the Leading Light Foundation.

    To purchase tickets for ‘Dracula’, visit http://heightsplayers.org and for more information about Nishi and her music and performances visit http://nishimusic.com

    - Nishi Leave a Comment on this Entry

    New York's Latest Hit: Nishi Rajan
    Saturday, August 20, 2011 01:52 p.m.
    what an amazing thing to wake up to - woke up this early Saturday morning to find Prishtina Press the newspaper of Prishtina, the largest city & capital of Kosovo, published this brand new article on me. Prishtina Press is published & available in London, New York and Los Angeles, as well as Kosovo. Thank you to editor Ermira Babamusta, President & CEO of Prishtina Press, for once again honoring me by publication in your beautiful newspaper. Thank you to everyone who has supported me in my music, theatre & film careers. It is through friendship & mutual support of each other that good things happen in our lives & in this world. Full text & link to article below.

    New York's Latest Hit: Nishi Rajan
    Published August 20, 2011 by Prishtina Press (Prishtina, Kosovo - New York, London, Los Angeles)
    Short URL: http://prishtinapress.info/’p=4043 Full Text of Article in PDF

    Beautiful, sexy, smart and talented. A lawyer by day, chanteuse, film and stage actress by night. Indian-American entertainer Nishi Rajan is making quite a name for herself with the release of her new dance single Release Me and the launch of her highly anticipated dance album Master of My Fate, but this is not all. Her career as a stage & musical actress and roles in feature films with award-winning directors are gaining the spotlight. Her accomplishments are all the more remarkable when you learn she works full-time 9-5, as a personal injury and insurance defense litigation attorney with a large law firm in New York City, runs her own human rights non-profit and volunteers pro bono for women’s and children’s charities.

    Originally born in New Delhi, India and from the South-Indian state of Kerala, Nishi Rajan is the oldest of four girls from a close-knit and traditional Indian family. She grew up in upstate New York from the age of five, has no accent and speaks perfect English, but can also speak Malayalam, Hindi, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, studied Cantonese briefly and is learning French currently. Asked how she manages to find the time to do it all, Nishi replies, ‘When you’re passionate about something, you find the time. For me, I have no choice, this is what I was born to do ‘ it’s my soul’s calling.’

    Since February 2011, Nishi has been in the recording studio with producer Anand Gan of FlyTrap Music Productions in New York City working on her new album, a dance EP she has titled ‘Master of My Fate.’ Nishi came out with first album in 2006, a self-titled EP containing six original songs that ranged in style from Indian dance, to soulful pop and alternative rock ballads. Nishi’s voice has a soothing, lyrical quality and her music combines Indian and American sounds. All Nishi’s songs are written and sung in English but contain a distinct Indian style that is all her own. She credits as her early influences Indian Hindi music and American 80's music and artists from Madonna to Debbie Gibson and bands from Guns ‘n’ Roses to Aerosmith. Her later influences include her favorite bands the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Creed and System of a Down and artists Sarah MacLachlan, Dido and Jewel.

    Nishi’s new dance single, ‘Release Me’, a rhythmic, sexy and romantic dance number, was released on May 14, 2011 in Washington D.C., at a Bollywood-style dance party arranged by her friend, filmmaker and director Manan Singh Katohora. Thereafter, Nishi appeared for a live on-air radio and television interview broadcast to 120 million viewers and listeners on Voice of America’s program Border Crossings, hosted by Larry London. Since then, Nishi’s life and careers were featured and profiled by international press and media from Canada and Kosovo to India and the United States, and her song began receiving radio airplay with promotions and rotations on U.S. based American and Indian radio stations in California, Virginia, New York and New Jersey. Nishi also appeared on local New York City Indian television (Time Warner Cable QPTV’s India Talks) where she was interviewed and her music and films featured.

    Nishi will be filming the music video for ‘Release Me’ in late-Summer 2011 for a mid-Fall 2011 release with her new album. Her music video is to be directed by her friend Eliyas Qureshi, a New Jersey based filmmaker, and is to co-star, as her romantic lead, Kal Parekh, another young Indian actor who is currently co-starring in the new ABC TV series ‘Pan Am’.

    ‘’Release Me’‘, says Nishi, ‘is a very romantic and sexual Indian dance song and its video incorporates my Indian heritage and American upbringing.’ Nishi will wear a mix of traditional Indian clothing and modern American dresses designed by Indian designer Citra Gala of Citrolina Designs. Nishi explains the concept of the music video is to convey intense desire, from the colors to the dance movements, to the story which revolves around Nishi’s character holding back from giving in to her desires for the man she is falling in love with.

    While she works on her music, Nishi is also filming movies and performing on the New York stage in plays and musicals. Award-winning Pakistani and British-American filmmaker Babar Ahmed cast Nishi as the female lead of his supernatural thriller feature ‘Sid’s Paralysis’ where Nishi played a woman ‘possessed.’ She then starred as a neurotic and bipolar photographer in the short independent film ‘The Process’ for Philadelphia-based filmmaker Ethan Sacchi.

    This past Spring she starred as Princess Labam, in the indian musical ‘How Rajah’s Son Won the Princess Labam’ with Galli Theater in New York City and then played one of the leads, Jamie, in Tom Slots dramatic comedy play ‘Killing Time’ which premiered and ran for an extended run in Times Square at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre. Over the summer, was cast and performed as one of the leads in the staged reading of the musical ‘The Centurion’ directed by Debbie Orloff, playing ‘Julia’, the orphan ward of the Centurion Cornelius in this Roman-era Christian musical that showcased the message of sacrifice and love. Nishi also worked on two new feature films, ‘J1' a Russian drama directed by Geoffrey Guerrero based on the true story of Russian women who were sexually trafficked into the United States, and on ‘The Class Reunion’, a horror thriller by Emmy-winning director Tyrek ‘Keyz’ Washington.

    This Fall 2011, Nishi returns to the stage as a Vampire Vixen in the upcoming full-costume production of Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ as adapted by Steven Deitz at the Brooklyn Height’s Player’s Theatre in New York City. Nishi will also be filming a new Sci-Fi Fantasy Thriller directed by award-winning filmmaker Joseph Villapaz who cast Nishi in one of the principal lead roles, an alien assassin from another planet. For the film, Nishi will have to draw on her martial arts training background and train in weapons, and for ‘Dracula’, Nishi draws on her dance and movement background.

    Dracula opens September 9th and runs until the 25th with performances every Friday & Saturday at 8pm and Sunday matinees at 2pm. Tickets may be reserved and purchased at http://heightsplayers.org and more details can be found on the show’s event page on Facebook at: http://facebook.com/event.php’eid=115988288499080

    Nishi is also in talks to portray the Egyptian Queen Pharoah this September in a new musical ‘YWHW on Broadway’ which tells the story of the Biblical Exodus from Egypt. This musical will run for three nights only September 26th-28th Off-Broadway. The venue and details on tickets have not been released as yet.

    Nishi is expected to release ‘Master of My Fate’ in the Fall together with the music video for ‘Release Me’ at ance party celebration in New York City and New Jersey. For now, Nishi continues her work in the studio and preparations for the music video and her upcoming stage & film works. More information about this entertainer is available at http://www.nishimusic.com and http://facebook.com/nishimusic

    - Nishi Leave a Comment on this Entry

    Monday, July 18, 2011 06:32 a.m.
    Hello everyone :)

    I've been very busy with work on music, film & theater. Please see http://facebook.com/nishimusic for a list of upcoming performances & activities (you can friend-request me on facebook as well (facebook.com/nishirajan). I've written in this blog since 2001 or 2002 but stopped in 2009 and only written sporadically from 2008-2011 because of how wonderfully busy I became with music & film. You can catch me this September in Dracula at the Height's Players Theater, witness the shooting of my new music video for my new single 'Release Me' in October 2011 and read a wonderful new news story published by the Journal News here in New York that just released yesterday, July 17, 2011 in the Sunday edition: Nishi Rajan - Musician By Night by Linda Lombroso for Journal News.

    Here is the article in full below & Full Text of Article in PDF also available.

    Musicians By Night - Nishi Rajan
    by Linda Lombroso for Journal News
    Sunday, July 17, 2011

    Even as a little girl, Nishi Rajan wanted to be a lawyer � and a singer-songwriter.

    Tall orders, but Rajan has been able to do both. From 9 to 5, she works as counsel for a Manhattan law firm, then devotes her nights and weekends to music.

    "I've been writing songs forever, and I knew I wasn't completely fulfilled without being able to give in to the creative aspects of my life,'' she says.

    Rajan, who moved to the United States from New Delhi when she was 5, describes her music as "rock pop alternative and dance, with all my dance [music] being very Indianish."

    Her band, Nishi and the Nights, has performed in bars and nightclubs all over Manhattan, including Alphabet Lounge, in the East Village, and Fat Baby, on the Lower East Side.

    For Rajan, the best part of a live show is seeing the impact of her songs on the audience. "It's suddenly seeing something change in their eyes, where they're moved by the music, the words, and if it's a really great fast song, when I see them start tapping their knees and moving their feet, I'm like 'Oh my God, they really like this,' " she says. "It's the most gratifying experience any artist can have."

    In May, Rajan debuted her new single, "Release Me,'' at a Bollywood-style dance party in Washington, D.C. She's currently in the studio working on her second album, "Master of My Fate,'' due out this fall.

    Her music conveys a range of emotions, she says. "The dance songs are all about love and the experiences associated with that, but I do have a lot of serious songs about heartache, about life, about loss � I guess about the strength of the soul and the human spirit."

    Her biggest fans, says Rajan, are probably women in their 20s and 30s. "They love Indian music, but they also like independent music," she says. "And music that's actually fun to listen to that's not just sugar pop."

    Although she devotes most of her free time to her burgeoning music career, Rajan has other interests: She's starred in several children's theater productions in Manhattan, appeared on TV in a recent episode of "Blue Bloods" and has the lead role in British director Babar Ahmed's next film, "Sid's Paralysis,'' due out later this year (she filmed her scenes in one weekend).

    As if music, acting and a full-time job weren't enough, Rajan is also the founder of the Leading Light Foundation, an international nonprofit that reports on human-rights abuses. "My real passion as a lawyer is human-rights law,'' she says.

    No matter how many directions she's pulled in, however, Nishi Rajan will always be a musician.

    "It's my soul's calling."

    Listen to the music: Learn more about Nishi Rajan, and keep track of her performance schedule, at www.nishimusic.com.

    Have a great day everyone :)

    - Nishi Leave a Comment on this Entry

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